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Helping You Navigate Fertility & Family Building

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Laine Halpern Zisman, phd

About Fertility and Family Building Services

Often in our family building journeys, we feel alone or uncertain about the next steps. We don’t know what questions to ask, who to ask them to, or what options are available to us.

As a fertility support practitioner, full spectrum doula, and researcher my job is to help you gain the knowledge and tools you need in order to advocate for your choices, identify your preferences and plan your next steps.

Through education, one-on-one support, and a network of care providers and referrals, I will work with you to feel more secure in identifying your preferences, coping with stress, and communicating your needs.


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Consultation Preparation

Prior to your consultation with a fertility clinic, we will discuss questions to ask nurses or doctors to determine best fit for you.

Fertility Counselling

Integrating both education and emotional support, together we will review fertility options and interventions and strategize next steps in your journey.

Donor Selection

Assistance in reviewing donor options, selecting donors (known or unknown), and preparing communication strategies (known donor).

Fertility Education

Educational sessions focus on a. range of elements in the reproductive journey, taking an evidence-based approach to understanding our bodies and fertility processes, and procedures.

About me

I am a certified fertility support practitioner and full spectrum doula helping people navigate all stages of their perinatal journeys. Currently, as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Victoria in the School of Public Health and Social Policy, I work on community-engaged cross-disciplinary projects related to reproductive health equity and access to care. I am also a lecturer at the University of Toronto and have taught at various universities across Canada in the humanities and public health.

My eclectic background in research and community support has provided me with unique tools for exploring sexual and reproductive health equity, 2SLGBTQ+ culture, and barriers to accessing reproductive care in Canada. I have published two collected volumes (Women and Popular Culture in Canada and Queerly Canadian) and am currently working on my third text with Fernwood Publishing on 2SLGBTQ+ Family Building in Canada.

In addition to one-on-one supports, I deliver workshops and lectures for healthcare providers, clinics, and universities on inclusive fertility and family building practices.


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PhD Educated Scholar with evidence-based approach to care

Why book with me

Certified Full-Spectrum Doula and Fertility Support Practitioner

Sliding-scale available for one-on-one sessions

Background in equity, inclusion and Supporting 2SLGBTQ+ Family Building

Packages offered

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Single Session

Fertility Counselling Session

$110 (1-hour meeting)

Ongoing sessions

Fertility Support Package

$400 (4 meetings)

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Educational Content

Workshops & Lectures

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Fertility & Family Building Support

Get in touch

Please email me if you are interested in booking a consultation or finding out more about services.




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